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HUMAN ASSISTANCE© is a company specialized in the design and implementation of solutions of assistance offered by Insurance Companies and Banks and intended for professionals, managers and company directors.

As a result of a partnership with the Allianz Group initiated in 2016, HUMAN ASSISTANCE© is now the provider of this type of assistance to Allianz’s Professionnels Customers in France.

The aim of HUMAN ASSISTANCE© is more generally to propose to Insurance Companies and Banks turnkey solutions enabling them to assist executives and managers so that they can overcome unexpected life hardships and thus preserve the Continuity of their professional activity.

HUMAN ASSISTANCE© intervenes with the insured or their having rights, when these are in contexts of sickness and serious accidents, death, misunderstanding or conflicts between partners, losses of mandates, difficulties of the company, etc.

The services provided by HUMAN ASSISTANCE© are triggered by the implementation of a subscribed guarantee, in addition to the payment of insurance policies or as part of entities having made use of financial assistance.

Human Assistance has designed and commercialized assistance services that meet three main families of needs:

¬ The "Managerial Continuity Plan" is implemented in the event of a prolonged absence of the manager, which could jeopardize the entity he / she manages. Its objective is to organize the continuity of the company business management. It therefore contributes to its safeguard in the critical moments of its existence and thus maintains the interests of its owners, assignees, employees, suppliers and customers.

- The "Professional Continuity Plan" is implemented :

  • after a life crisis suffered by a manager who is subsequently no longer able to continue his or her usual professional activity. Its objective is to enable him or her to start a reconversion.

  • after a professional change or a loss of mandate. Its goal is to assist in finding a new job.

- The "Personal Continuity Plan" is set up to help the sick or injured leaders. Its objective is to help him or her carry out all the administrative procedures and certain everyday activities, which must be faced but for which the manager is not in a position anymore to carry out alone.


HUMAN ASSISTANCE© is a platform for the selection and implementation of assistance services. It takes care of the needs of the clients' insured persons or their beneficiaries throughout France (including their place of hospitalization or convalescence).

HUMAN ASSISTANCE© provides directly and by its own means:

1- the recording of the insured’s specific needs, specific to each case;

2- Analyzes, advices and recommendations;

3- Best specialists’ selection, in function of each situation;

4- Ensures the right implementation of the assistance to be provided;

5- Follow-up and coordination;

6- Guarantee of the level of quality;

7- Qualified feedback, which is given to the initial customers.

HUMAN ASSISTANCE© subcontracts specific interventions from a network of more than 250 specialized partners in the following areas:

- Recruitment (by advertisements, headhunting, transition management, interim);

- Consultants (Lawyers, accountants, lawyers, transfer or transfer specialists, etc.);

- Reconversion, Outplacement, company creation and buyout;

- Concierge services.


HUMAN ASSISTANCE© proposes to the beneficiaries and insured of its clients an exclusive Smartphone application, which allows the simple and rapid triggering of the assistance. Wherever the insured is in France, 24/7, a simple click on the application loaded on the Smartphone and the request for assistance is taken into account.

The application then allows direct contracting from the Smartphone.

Urgent services are thus implemented without any loss of time.

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